LRG specializes in fast track commercial interior renovations and buildouts in occupied spaces where the construction must be performed in a clean and quiet manner. We’ve honed this skill by working for high profile clients for over 30 years, always putting the Clients’ best interests first. We are interested in building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our Clients’ and subcontractors. People choose us based on referrals and from past experience- we don’t advertise, and we are very selective in the clients we take on. We want to make sure that the people we work for have the same amount of integrity we do.

With our Design/Build option, the entire process is simplified and streamlined for the Client- one contract, one point of contact, one company from start to finish. Many Clients’ prefer this for a number of reasons- we prefer it because we are involved and responsible from the projects conception to completion- Sole Source Accountability. In this model, the design is reviewed at various phases by the construction team. This collaboration ensures the architectural design is not only beautiful, but buildable and within budget. Working in this fashion allows the Client, and Design and Construction teams to be on the same page from the start. This makes for a more streamlined process which results in faster build times with less on-site issues, which ultimately means an overall cost savings for the Client.

We work all over Miami, Tampa, and the Caribbean,  but the majority of our work is in Coral Gables. In fact, a few repeat Coral Gables clients are the University of Miami, Riviera Country Club, and the Residences at Merrick Park. The Coral Gables Building and Zoning Department is widely believed to be cumbersome, hard to navigate, and overall very, very difficult to build in. In the last 30 years, the City of Coral Gables has seen personnel come and go and building codes change, but one of the constants there has been LRG. We know the City inside and out. We know the processes, the people, and how to get permits quickly issued, and jobs quickly inspected and closed out.

From the initial Board Of Architects review to getting final inspections, we know every step and person involved it. We understand that if your space isn’t occupied, you’re losing money. We can get you from concept to C/O as quickly as possible. The truth is, the City is not cumbersome, hard to navigate, or difficult to build in. They want things done the right way- many architects, engineers, and contractors don’t understand the concept of “doing things the right way.” The few contractors who do significant repeat work in Coral Gables are among the most respected contractors not just in Coral Gables, but in all of South Florida. Below you’ll see the wide array of services we provide, for more information, or for referrals, please contact us. Take a look our Client page and you’ll see the caliber of colleges, companies, and building managers who trust us time and time again.

– Pre-construction Services

– Design/Build

– Ground up new commercial

– Renovation or buildout of existing commercial spaces

– New Residential

– Residential Renovations and Additions

– Commercial and Residential Property Management

– Condominium Association Consulting

– Expert Witness Services